Colours are blue

Bitti has demonstrated once and for all that she is the sneakiest sneak of them all. Until recently I had been under the impression that she did not know her colours yet. She could say ‘purple’ and went through a phase of randomly calling things that colour late last year. But she had never been able to correctly identify colours. Not, mind you, that I was quizzing her daily, or making any attempt to teach her.

Any time I had asked her what colour something was she would reply with certainty, ‘blue’. Everything is blue. This yellow duck, ‘blue’. That red chair, ‘blue’. Her pink bunny, ‘blue’. OK, not a problem, you’ll get it eventually, I thought. Well, imagine my surprise when, upon collecting her from childcare, I was told that she knows all her colours.

coloursI came into the new childcare room (Bitti graduated to the two-year-olds’ room in early Jan) to see all the kiddies sitting on the rug in front of one carer who was pulling coloured cards out of a bag. The kids had to tell her what colour they saw. As I walked in every single head turned to look at the door, except Bitti’s. She was so focused on those cards. The two carers in the room both started telling me, ‘Oh, look at this, Bitti knows all her colours.’ One said ‘Even pink, none of the others get pink.’.

I was skeptical, because of my experience with blue at home. ‘No way, she doesn’t know them at home.’ At this point Bitti heard my voice and realised I was in the room. Carer A pulled out another card and held it towards her as a test, wanting evidence that she DOES know her colours. Bitti looked at me and said ‘blue’, but then a beat later corrected herself to say ‘orange’, which was the correct answer.

What a fucking sneaky little so-and-so!!!

I spoke to her carers for a while about it, telling them that she had never demonstrated this talent outside of the childcare centre. They were quite surprised and assured me that she definitely knew her colours, not only that, but they considered her one of the better kids at identifying them.

I have since tested her at home again, but she continues to stick with ‘blue’. I can’t think of a single rational reason for why she’d want to hide her knowledge of colours from me. But then, how often is the mind of a two-year-old rational? It makes me wonder what else she can do that she’s been hiding from me. Perhaps next week I’ll find out she’s been doing long division at night, by the light of the moon?


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