The word count

Nov 2014


Dec 2014

Mum; Car; Cat; Dad.

Jan 2015


March 2015

Uh oh; duck; dog.

April 2015

Hello; ssshhh; more.

June 2015

Star; baby; ta-ta; bath; gone; ball; up; giraffe.

July 2015

Open; bowl; fish; bee; moon; bubble; stuck; nana; cheese; banana; apple; flower; toadstool; teddy; cracker; crocodile; baby; out; rabbit.

August 2015

Jal (name of carer at childcare); mine; nose; eyes; door; bear; gone; tiger; bottle.

September 2015

Spot; this.

October 2015

Back; wet; George; dot; dirty; away; basket; sit; purple; oh no!; cake; walk

November 2015

Dust; snap;shoes; socks; cheeks; hair; Peppa; Yoda; stairs; high; box; fork; plate; bowl; stone; plane; wipe; Wow!; poo; fish; turtle; cuddle; please; kiss.

December 2015

Mess; bird; tiger; shirt; nappy; book; higher; it; down; blue; key; see; face; mix; hair; hand; pram; bounce; my __; sit down; no sit down; wipe me; hold this; burp; nappy; no __; paint; grape; sore; house; catch; hide; chase; fast; bite; floor; fart; pool; spoon; yes please; turn; go away; jump; there; this; upset;


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